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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  July 22, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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in the headlines, police in contra costa are investigating a suspicious early morning fire that has an oakley resident fighting for his life. >> i'm amy hollyfield. a major development in the case looking into the beating of giant's fan bryan stow. l.a. police have made two arrests. story is coming up. >> and stunning new evidence in a san francisco police shooting investigation. the suspect shot and killed himself. >> live look from downtown san francisco. notice the clouds are back. more numerous and cooling trend is here. summer heat is over for a while. i'll tell you how cool it's going to be through the weekend. >> i'm sue hall in the traffic
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center. if you are waiting for ace train train number one is running late. we'll have details in a few minutes. good morning. i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. let's begin with developing news in contra costa county where a house fire in oakley has left a person fighting for his life this morning. nick smith joins us live from the scene. firefighters are calling this suspicious but unclear as to why. >> absolutely. since we last spoke. we have learned more information. they are wrapping up what is happening on the scene. i spoke with the lead investigator and he told me, first i want to show you the flames that caused neighbors to rush out of their homes. these flames happened around 2:00 a.m. and neighbors say they herd a huge explosion. they immediately thought the explosion was in their own home. they realized it was not in
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their own home but they saw it was their neighbor's house. everybody was concerned for the occupant who was an older woman. that woman left the home couple days ago she had a fall. the occupant is a 41-year-old man, it is her grand soften. they saw him screaming. his clothes had been blown over him. they initially thought it was gas fire. and gas explosion from the range had blown his clothes off. investigators now tell me that they have found a slew of cartridges of butane cartridges but they are not going any further than that. they say they want to show you what they are. the chief jeff burris has one of
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the butane cartridges. jeff, get over. we're live. i want you to show everyone at home the cartridge you are holding and what is it? >> this is a butane highly refined butane cylinder. a significant quantity was found most fires start out slowly but they said the fire exploded basically in front of him and the occupant jumped out the window. >> reporter: when you are fighting a fire like this, how much does it cost and what is the threat to the community? >> due to how close the houses are together, if they don't get on the fire very quickly, even though we have sustained a significant financial reduction, the crews are still affecting
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positive results. >> what are these canisters used for? >> i can't comment on that. >> in your professional go expertise you have never seen them before? >> i have seen them before. usually we don't find them inside a residence. >> reporter: we'll leave it at that. we'll talk to you again later. we are still gathering information but we understand the victim has sustained second to third-degree burns. we'll have more information later. thanks so much. >> los angeles police are expected to sort out information on the arrest two of new suspects on the beating of giants fan. amy hollyfield is live at san francisco general where bryan stow is still recovering from a traumatic brain injury from that attack. we've heard from one source, they arrested a man and woman. they also heard two men but two people have been ready which is a dramatic development in this case. and for bryan stow and his
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family. his family has seen him make tremendous progress. a big week all the way around. let's start with the case. these arrests could mean the common raise of giovanni ramirez. he was arrested in may. l.a.'s police chief at the time said very emphatically this was the man who beat stow. so l.a.'s mayor's office tells the l.a. times they are obviously going to need an explanation. now an anonymous police source say two people have been arrested. >> we were just waiting, kind of like everybody else. we know they have a big job to do and a lot of work ahead of them. we are putting all our faith in the lapd right now. >> this wouldn't mean ramirez would go free. he is serving time for a parole violation. this is a good example of why
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people shouldn't rush to judgment. we don't know what led them to these two people. we are hoping we will learn more today. as for stow's progress, according to his family's blog he has made a breakthrough and he opened his eyes and closed them on demand. when they asked him what his last name was, he mouthed the word stow. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." residents in one san francisco neighborhood are reacting with disbelief this morning over a stunning development in a police shooting case in the bayview district. a parolee who engaged in a shootout died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. investigators say kenneth harding of seattle had bullet wounds to his leg and neck at the fatal bullet that entered in
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the neck could not have come from a police weapon. >> the bullet is a .380-caliber and is not consistent with department issued ammunition. furthermore, the bullet could not have been fired from any department issued firearm. >> no one out here says that he shot himself, no one. >> here is another wrinkle. had police are trying to find the gun that harding used. a cellphone video shows a gun being picked up at the scene. starting this fall, smoking will be banned at the college of marin. they approved a new policy prohibiting smoking entirely on two campuses. signs of will be posted and officials say they simply will hand out warnings to anyone caught in the first but to months.
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friday is here and weekend is here and plans be being made. people wonder what is going to be out there. and mike nicco has good news. >> wonder no more. here it is. >> still a lot of sunshine, cooler temperatures and out and about, you have to spend a lot of time, you'll be happy it i wouldn't be too oppressive. here is a look what is going on. a trough of low pressure is starting to reassert its publish and the sea breeze and cooler weather and morning clouds are on the way. temperatures in the 50s to near 60 in mountain view and livermore. by the afternoon hours, 90s up around ui die island a clearlake. 82 in santa rosa. mid to upper 80s for the east bay valleys. mid to upper 70s from palo alto through the south bay. we'll have upper 70s in san rafael and napa. look at all the mid to upper 50s
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and cloudy 61 in half moon bay. clouds will keep the monterey bay cool and even inland to salinas and hollister gilroy, upper 70s to low 80s. seven-day forecast, slightly cooler, a couple of days this weekend. monday and tuesday could be the coolest of the seven days. with temperatures well below average. good morning sue. >> we are hoping for friday light. so far so good. public transit, everybody on time except for your ace train number one out of central valley it's running ten minutes late. big event at infineon in sonoma county and having a drag races that will cause delays on highway 37 and 80 in vallejo. and bay bridge update in about ten minutes.
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just ahead, will it be carmegeddon? the weekend construction that will close part of the bay area freeway and huge delays for early morning drivers. >> and announcement coming today it's expected to officially end the u.s. military's controversial policy. >> and are they ready for some football? new deal appears to be the key to end the n.f.l. lockout. cçiugclosed circuith@ @ap@abch@ z
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pentagon officials are set to announce that the ban on homosexuals can lifted without harming army readiness. they are recommending to pro seed with the final repeal. officials say the repeal is likely to take effect in september. a bay area highway construction project could mean big delays for late night drivers this weekend. at midnight caltrans will close all northbound and southbound lanes of he highway 101 from the interstate 280 connector. they will close until 5:30 and closed again midnight saturday and just before midnight on sunday.
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caltrans is adding a southbound lane. weekend is here and the weather is going to be very cooperative. >> if you want to be outside it won't be too taxing. let's take a look why that is happening. sea breeze is back and so are the clouds. we look down from sutro and any flight arrival delays and i imagine we will. mid to upper 50s this morning and mid-50s in livermore and antioch. upper 50s around monterey. sunny afternoon with more cooling today, patchy drizzle as we experience this morning. some minimum changes but once we get to the cooler than average pattern we're going fluctuate the cloud cover conversely. today is about the same as santa rosa, 82 but san francisco, two degrees cooler and san jose 5 and fremont and concord, 6 and 7
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degrees compared to yesterday. clouds in the north bay, clouds around the bay shore, not quite in the south bay, east bay valleys. that will change tonight. another reason why tomorrow will be cooler. by noon, clouds are hanging around the coast and parts of san francisco but by the afternoon hours, a slow clearing from north to south along the coast where we'll be in the 50s. 70s and 80s for the rest of us. 80s barely holding on in saratoga. 68 for millbrae. clouds along the coast, 60s. mid-50s in downtown san francisco and sausalito. as you head to the north, clearlake, near 90 degrees today. 65 in richmond, 59 in oakland and see the sea breeze cooling you. warmest weather in the east bay valleys with mid to upper 80s. gilroy and hollister, upper 70s to low 80s.
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the game tonight, 7:15, clouds will roll in late in the game, 61 down to 57. you see the temperatures and the clouds and drizzle especially along the coast. we'll make up to the 50s once again. temperatures will be within two to three degrees of today's temperatures all throughout the forecast. good morning, sue. good morning. we have a potential problem on the bay bridge, sorry so to say. it looks like there is an accident approaching westbound, incline section, possible lanes blocked. metering lights are on so traffic will bunching up there. walnut creek, southbound 680 headed toward the 24 junction, beautiful morning, does not look like any problems, headed westbound on 24 towards the caldecott tunnel, just a couple of cars streaming through there. very friday light. wanted to remind you, about the closure in san jose, north and
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southbound 101 will be closed tonight and tomorrow night to 280 to approximately 5:30. they had closed last night but it's been reopened and no delays in the area. as usual, if you need all this information and more, go to it's all right there for you at bay area traffic. thanks a lot. 18 minutes after 6:00 right now. >> n.f.l. owners believe they have come up with a ten-year contract with the players and ready to open training camp this weekend. the players aren't so sure about that. what they are not saying -- they were hoping the deal would be approved immediately. some players feel they feel they are getting recorded. >> i think we all have an -- railroaded. >> i think we're down to the i'm frame of not getting ready and not being able to play
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pre-season games. >> i think we have crafted a long term agreement that can be good for the game of football. >> one thing for sure is that the opening pre-season game, hall of fame game has been cancelled. >> the economy has affected the tooth fairy. the tooth fairy has cut back only leaving $2.60 per tooth this year the but there is good news according to brand-new survey, bay area and rest of the western states appear to be unaffected. they are leaving an average of 2.80 up ten cents from a year ago. good to be a kid mere in california. >> coming up, how to make a perfect piece of toast. >> and no ticket needed. just grab the laptop, big name rock and roll festival that will
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friday is here and is that a beautiful shot to kick off your weekend. a shot from vollmer peak. fog rolling in. hills above. beautiful day on the way. what else could you ask for. we could ask an accurate forecast from mike nicco and we'll have that. >> and doing online searches, researchers looked at 65
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companies that show ads including google and yahoo and half of them continue to track consumers after they opt out on their browsers. they deliver targeted ads. privacy advocates are demanding laws but. a couple big concerts coming to a youtube near you. company is expected to announce they will be streaming lalapalooza and austin city limits. not only can sue see the performances there be another fee and interviews what is going on behind the scenes. the festival takes place the 1st of august and austin city limits the third week of september. >> you might wait before you make breakfast and groundbreaking scientific
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experimented. a mathematical formula for the perfect slice of toast. here it goes, bread needs to be toasted exactly 216 seconds. optimum thickness, 14 military meters and the ideal amount of butter, .4 grams, that is about 1/100 of an ounce, you end up that is toast that is golden brown and 12 times crunchier in the middle which is considered the ultimate balance. who came up with that? >> i don't know. who paid for it? >> still ahead mad at milk questionable adz being pulled. >> and fire fighting. growing backlash. >> and new surveillance video that bart police say should help explain why officers shot and killed a man at a civic center bart station. >> bryan stow's family is
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hearing quite a bit of good news this week. i'm amy hollyfield. up next i'll i have you an update on the giant fan's condition and an update on an investigation and major developments. >> monitor fly delays, otherwise everything is rather quiet this morning across our major airports.
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but it also takes a gentle, caring touch. before you can deep clean, you learn to get a feel for its trouble spots. and hey, if you can't listen to grout, you can't truly know its wants...its needs...its dreams. ♪call 1-800-steemer. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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live at a picture of wall straight and the bell is ringing and the guy is rare any pivens star of untour aj. u.s. stock futures flat. waiting for an a resolution over the debt limit. republicans and democrats far apart on deal to raise the debt ceiling before august 2nd or are they? let's begin with a dramatic turn of events in the beating of bryan stow. today we're expected to learn much more about two new suspects in arrested in the attack outside dodgers stadium. amy hollyfield is live outside dodger stadium. >> he has made good progress this week but in the investigation side of things,
6:31 am
l.a. police first got it wrong. the man they first accused of beating bryan stow, it looks like he didn't do it. giovanni ramirez was arrested in may and the police chief assisted that ramirez was the guy. his defense says he was able to provide an alibi and offered a lie detector test and now they arrested to two other people in the did he say that positive pods cleared ramirez. >> we have a society, you are still innocent if proven guilty. that was not the case here. everyone here from the mayor's office and police jumped on the bandwagon and started pointing fingers. >> i think it's great that lapd is spending the time to help track down the people that did this. they are not sweeping it under the rug. the l.a. police department is officially not saying anything about these new
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arrests. it was an anonymous source that came forward with the information. we don't know what led police to these people. we are hoping to hear more information later this morning. bryan stow is still here at san francisco general hospital. he had a scare earlier this week had to have emergency surgery but the blog reports that he made a breakthrough. he opened and closed his eyes and giving the thumbs up sign. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." >> bart says newly released surveillance video proved that an officer was justified in a shooting death of a man. a knife that bart says charles hill threw at the officer. you see the blue circled there and skidding across the floor. the officer fired and told hill. >> four independent investigations going on. they are going to say whether it
6:33 am
was justified or not. bart considers this incident to be very serious. when a life is lost. it's always tragic. >> investigators say they found another knife near hill's body. the officer that shot hill was armed with a taser but he did not how soon it. >> they are acting with disbelief in a stunning development in police shooting. a pleel parolee who engaged in w a shootout actually died from a self-inflicted wound. kenneth harding had bullet wounds to his leg and neck and the fatal bullet could not have come from a police weapon. maybe bayview residents don't believe it. >> the bullet is a .380-caliber and is not consistent with the department issued ammunition. furthermore, the bullet could not have been fired from any department issued firearm.
6:34 am
>> the moment before the ambulances were here and no one out here said he shot himself. >> and police are still trying to find gotten that they believe harding used. a video shows the gun was picked up at the scene. a 12-hour neighborhood lockdown is over in union city after the arrest of two burglary suspects. police responded to reports of an attempted burglary on darlene way yesterday morning. officers say one suspect shot at them and they fired back. nobody was hit. a s.w.a.t. team was called in. one of the suspects was arrested five hours later and a second one turned himself into police two hours after that. the lockdown lasted more than 12 hours as police searched the neighborhood. everything back to normal this morning. >> sonoma county detectives are still waiting to discover the cost cause of death of a 14-year-old santa rosa girl at a sleepover party.
6:35 am
the autopsy has come back inconclusive. she hosted a sleepover at her home. she and three others drank vodka and all vomited overnight. investigators are now waiting on results of toxicology reports. the mother was home at the time. no charges have been filed. >> they are trying to determine the cause of a fire in walnut creek that destroyed two homes, damaged third and spread to nearby grass land. it was at creekdale and class will glenn and it spread to the brush. one woman escaped with her pet before her house was engulfed with flames. >> she went back under the bed. got her out. got my keys, got my laptop and left. when i got in my car, a huge explosion happened. it was like ten seconds.
6:36 am
>> firefighters battled to bring the flames under control and no one was injured. >> firefighters are looking for flare-ups from a fire morgan hill. firefighters managed to keep the blaze to about 35 acres with the help of helicopters and air tankers along with hand crews. no invasions were necessary. >> fighting brush and wildfires cost a lot of money. there is growing backlash on a new fee that state is charging for fire protection. 850,000 mostly rural residents will be billed $150 a year under a new law. those affected by the law are not happy. >> no, i don't want to pay it. we're taxed enough for everything. >> i think it's another way to see us to death so they can cover all the expenses. >> cal fire officials say they
6:37 am
can't do their job with constant budget cuts. a state senator believes the fee is a tax and filed a referendum for voters to overturn. >> it time to check the forecast. mike nicco is going to be along cooler temperatures but still very, very enjoyable. >> mike, that a good assessment. >> here is the reason why. the trough of low pressure the one that brought us the keel cooler than average weather is coming back down the coast. you see the winds coming ashore that is going to bring clouds back in the morning and going to stop the warming because of the clouds and the free air-conditioning. winds in richmond around 15-20 miles an hour and gusting up to 30 in fairfield. you can see the sucking of the cool air off the central valley. warm air rises has to be placed
6:38 am
by something and you get heavier and easier to move through. that is one of the reasons why we have such a strong breeze today. concord, 78 degrees cooler. antioch 1 degree cooler. let's break down the friday for you, clouds into the nortdz bay and fog forming in some of the deeper valleys in the north bay. temperatures in the 50s to near 60s at 9:00. by noon we have most of the clouds back to the coast, upper 50s half moon bay, 50 in san francisco. mid on 50s oakland and san rafael, everybody else in the 70s. by 4:00, sunny and sunshine developing along the coast but still cool, near 60 in half moon bay, 68 in oakland, low to mid-80s for the rest of the bay shore into the south bay and low to mid-80s in the north bay and east bay valleys. accu-weather seven-day forecast, temperatures will remain within a couple of degrees of today's highs and those are well below average. >> good morning. we need to go to rohnert park, you have experienced a lost construction over the last couple of years on 101.
6:39 am
i've got good news, today a new overpass will be opening near wilfred, northbound and southbound should be shifted by next weeks. that is great news for rohnert park commuters. ace train number one is running 10-15 minutes behind. train number three is on time. no other delays for mass transit. stall a 23rd street, big rig blocking lanes. go to the bay bridge, beautiful shot this morning, ichb cline section you can see headed westbound here and headed into the city here. we had an earlier stall at treasure island, minor back-up behind the tolls. metering lights are on this morning. >> 6:39 on this friday morning. >> move over netflix, happy has money to spend and thinking about taking up a well known online video service. >> jane king will have month are on that. live look at the big board, down close to 25, 26 points.
6:40 am
>> still ahead, mad about milk, the ads that have people crying foul. >> and new lawsuit that aims at keeping the oakland zoo from getting any bigger. >> nick smith live in oakley, an early explosion sends one man to the hospital and leaves a home completely demolished. i'
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6:44 and live doppler 7-hd is quiet. there will be a lot of sunshine, mid to upper 90s. big sur, 71. hot spot, palm springs at 107. let's head up to the sierra where we'll have sunshine and temperatures saturday and sunday in the low 80s in tahoe. near 90 around yosemite. thanks a lot. it's 6:44. >> president obama is holding a townhall meeting this morning at university of maryland as the clock ticks down to an august 2nd deadline to either raise the government's borrowing limit or default. senate is expected to reject the cut, cap and balance plan. it would require congress to approve a constitutional amendment mandating a balanced federal budget. president obama and house speaker john boehner continue to discuss an ultimate plan
6:45 am
described as a grand bargain that could include $4 trillion in budget cuts but officials say wide differences remain. >> be careful if you get an invitation to join google plus and apple is thinking about picking up an online video service. >> good morning, jane. >> good morning to you. apple, they are looking to spend their extra money. sources say they are considering to make a bid for hulu. so they are in the early stages and they estimate it at $2 billion. >> be careful if you receive an invitation google plus, hackers are targeting by sending malware
6:46 am
for the invite. right now, about 20 million members. that comes from the l.a. times. investors are finding stocks inviting today? a little bit lower. world largest maker of construction equipment talking about a slow down in china. the market and bloomberg silicon valley index is up a little bit. >> pfizer is moving plans to open a research is center in mission bay. they are announcing announcement will be made today and the deal has committed $100 million to ucsf over the next five years. have a great weekend. at&t has nou daeys admits it violated environmental laws when 1300 gallons of diesel spilled
6:47 am
into the guadalupe river. at&t has agreed to pay $10,000 fine and $30,000 in cleanup costs. company does want to point out it was complimented on ace response at the time of the spill. what kind of heat we've had the last couple of days. >> things are changing. >> and this one from emeryville, the clouds so far not causing flight arrival delays into sfo but the clouds continue to thicken. we'll keep an eye on it for you. go to flight tracker at check out the temperatures outside. they are running into the 50s to near 60 in antioch. clouds forming in the north bay valleys. cloudy conditions around the monitor ray bay. 55 to 56 degrees. we will have sunshine this afternoon, cooling sea breeze will take our temperatures back below average. mostly cloudy tonight. few patches of drizzle like we're seeing this morning.
6:48 am
minimal changes as we they had hed through the weekend and next week. we don't see any too many wild temperature swings. four degrees cooler than average livermore and same thing in napa and oakland. redwood city, 10 degrees cooler than average. east bay valleys, in the 90s the last couple of days. mid to upper 80s. closest we get to 90 is brentwood at 88. richmond, berkeley and oakland see the sea breeze there, mid to upper 60s while the rest of the east bay shores, in the mid-70s. 82 in los gatos. 68 in millbrae and low to mid-70s for the rest of the peninsula. near 60 along the coast and sausalito in the mid-60s. north bay valleys, mid to upper 70s, sonoma, calistoga, low to mid-80s. up in hollister and mid-70s around the monterey bay.
6:49 am
at&t park with the brewers in town, 7:15 first pitch, clouds will roll in late, 61 to 57. we'll be the 50s every night nor the next several days. temperatures well below average a lot like today if not within a couple of degrees. some very hot in texas. this was impromptu picture. elliot the bulldog hanging out where the family dumped the ice out of their cooler. doesn't that look refreshing? it would be nice to run with the dog then. that is kind of stuff we like to see. if you have weather photo like this, we would love to see them. upload them to ureport or e-mail them to ureport. we have perfect pet on our midday show. >> very good and very cute. >> we're going to oakland and
6:50 am
stall southbound 880, blocking lanes at 23rd avenue. just be forewarned. our sensors are not showing much slowing in the area. hoping for friday light around the bay area. let's take a look at san rafael. this is a live shot from lucas valley road heading down to central san rafael. no problems. golden gate bridge, once you get past the 580 junction to sausalito you will hit the fog at the waldo tunnel, you may need your windshield wipers. southbound into san francisco, no problems there. bay bridge, you don't have any fog there. you got a little bit of slow traffic heading around the incline section and across the upper deck into san francisco, but no real problems. there was an earlier accident at treasure island gone. we do have meeting lights on at the toll plaza and that is backed up to the caltrans parking lot. san mateo bridge, looking good
6:51 am
and westbound direction heading toward foster city, no delays as you make your way through hayward. go to and if you need more information, check bay area traffic. richmond police and contra costa sheriffs department are forming a jointed task force to stop violence. so far this month, there have been eight homicides in richmond and five are believed to be gang-related. most recent happened wednesday morning when a 20-year-old was gunned down across the street from a community center. >> it's crazy what is going on. it really don't make no sense. all these young men, everybody is killing one another. it's just crazy. >> the new task force will mean closer collaboration between the two agencies. there have been 20 homicides compared to 21 in all of last
6:52 am
year. >> controversial got milk billboards is coming down. the board was trying to promote the idea that milk can reduce the effects of present mean struil symptoms but they questioned it and many women thought the ads were offensive. the billboards will be changed next week. >> two environmental groups have filed a lawsuit against a plan to expand the oakland zoo. the zoo wants to add 54 acres of nolan park land to build a veterinary hospital and camping area and educational center. the oakland tribune reports a lawsuit friends of nolan park argue there has why were flaws in the environmental review process when they approved the plan last month. environmentalists say they wanted to protect species and rare native plants on undeveloped land. >> recapping our top stories, an
6:53 am
oakland man is fighting for his life. >> nick smith live in oakley with the latest. >> good morning. an early morning explosion sends a man to the hospital and completely demolished a home. this butane canister, they tell me that they were more than a hundred of these found inside the home. the canisters are extremely flammable because of the highly pressurized gas inside. they say the vapors acted as an accelerate and. a police officer saw an explosive flash, before he could turn around the entire home was in flames. a man was out in front with severe burns. the fire was brought under control and it was determined there was no immediate threat to the neighbors, but back here live after pressing investigators as to what actually caused that fire, he
6:54 am
said it was definitely the butane canister. i would ask them why would anyone have more 100 canisters in a home, he says in my professional experience, it is to process drugs. good morning, we're at san francisco general where bryan stow is still recovering from the attack on him at dodgers stadium but a major development in the investigation. l.a. police have now arrested two people. now, it looks like they got it wrong when they accused giovanni ramirez. his attorney always maintained his innocence and offered an alibi but the police chief insisted that ramirez was to blame. now, we are hearing they arrested two other people for beating stow. l.a. police are not speaking out publicly about the new arrests. an anonymous source came forward
6:55 am
and announced this. we don't know who these people are or what l.a. police have against them. we are hoping to hear more this morning. police say a parolee engaged with a shootout with officers on saturday died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. kenneth harding had bullet wounds to his leg and neck and the fatal shot could not have come from the san francisco police officer's weapon. many residents say they don't believe it. time for one final check on weather and traffic. >> we have some delays developing at sfo and there are taxi delays because of reduced visibility. check out flight tracker at 61 in antioch, everybody else in the 50s with increasing clouds over the next hour or so. then we'll see the retreat to the coast by noon. even clearing from north to
6:56 am
south along the coast in afternoon hours, look how much cooler compared to yesterday, 2-7 degrees cooler. 61 in half moon bay. 86 in livermore for the warm spots. tonight, clouds and patchy drizzle and temperatures in the ao9 50s. seven-day forecast, all of these highs are below average with morning clouds giving way to afternoon sunshine. we were hoping for friday light. now, we have reports of an accident westbound at the bay bridge, right at the metering lights, lane number two. i was hoping we could see it on live camera but can't see the accident but can see slow traffic. that will be slowing on your drive westbound to san francisco. big news for the weekend in san jose, highway 101 shut down both directions overnight until monday morning, work at the interchange, they are demolishing the north overpass, north and southbound from capital expressway will be closed. it's picked up this morning and expected between midnight and
6:57 am
5:30 a.m. tomorrow morning, midnight and 7:00 a.m. on sunday morning. so just be forewarned, major delays in san jose. if you are an early morning person. they will have detours off on surface streets back on the 101, hoping for not a carmegeddon in san jose. >> that is it for us. we'll be back in 25 minutes for more. >> join us midday news at 11:00. stay connected at
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